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Email is easy to use and actually, everyone around the world can access to it. However, all of us these days is interested in smartphones into our pockets, So SMS marketing is becoming an increasingly powerful tool to contact with clients.

There’s no better choice when we talk about SMS or email to attract your clients. Both of them are doing a super unique job and deserve a place in your communication toolset.

You have to know when it’s best to send an SMS or to send an email or to send a mix of both this will help you communicate with your audience where they want to be reached. Let’s have a look at how email and SMS work together so you can have an idea of how and when to use each tool.

SMS with email Work to create the perfect and active duo

3 ways of how SMS works with email:

Speed and detail

SMS is the fastest communication tool. You just hit the button send, and then the message appears in counted seconds on your client’s smartphone, usually with a notification preview which shows the content of the message. If you want to send a quick, urgent offers or any information, SMS is the perfect way to take.

On the other hand, emails give you the chance to send less urgent, more detailed messages. You wouldn’t want to use email to tell people who are in a building which is on fire—it will take a lot of time. However, email would be a more appropriate tool if you were communicating to make changes to the emergency evacuation plans, and if you want to cover more information than a 160-character text message could cover.

Simple and short VS long and detailed

Text messages used to be to be simple and direct. You have so many words to express your message, so sometimes that is what you need. If you want to make a huge impact on your audience, an SMS may be the perfect tool for this task.

On the other hand, email can be long and detailed. It could be a 5-minute long newsletter or a couple of paragraphs. Email allows you to tell a full, detailed, less urgent message.


Use both tools in tandem to raise awareness and then to make impact. For example, you may send an email campaign alerting your audience that there is new upcoming product line. Later on, you can send to your clients a text message about discount promotion when the product launches.

Using list to promote

If you start a new channel, you don’t need to start your list from the beginning or from zero position.  So, if you’re beginning an email program, use your existing SMS subscribers in order to have high-quality clients to your list and vice versa.

Keep promoting SMS and email to your subscribers so that you can build up high-quality clients on multiple channels. This will make you ready for future one-off messages or integrated campaigns.

Get the best of using both of them. If you used alone, Zajel SMS Messenger is a strong communication tool that’ll help your business send brief, timely messages to your customers. Mix up the SMS with email using bulk email servers, and you’ll build a smooth customer communication experience that’s reliable, scalable, and honestly powerful.