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How do the hourly send limits work?

The 'Max Hourly Rate' in the Settings page is the maximum cap for all users.

You can set lower maximum rates for individual users by editing their 'Emails Per Hour' setting in their User Settings page.

Settings >> Email settings >> Email Setting tab >> Max Hourly Rate


For example:

  • Set the 'Max Hourly Rate' in the settings page to 1000.
  • Then set one user to 500, one user to 1500 and one user leave blank.
  • The user with 500 will only be able to send at a rate of 500 per hour.
  • The user with 1500 will be capped at 1000 per hour as that is what is set by the 'Max Hourly Rate' in the settings page.
  • The user that doesn't have a limit set for them will also be capped at 1000 for the same reason.

Does Email Marketer Script have a built-in SMTP server?

Email Marketer Script allows you to choose how emails are sent out: either using PHP's built-in mail() function or by specifying an SMTP server. You can specify a different SMTP server for each user account, or you can specify one from the settings page that all accounts will use.

If you choose to use an SMTP server Email Marketer will use its own integrated email engine to send emails using minimal server resources.

How does the Max Hourly Rate (throttling) work in Email Marketer?

The Max Hourly Rate (email throttling) in Email Marketer lets you specify how many emails can be sent out per hour. This is useful if your ISP restricts the number of emails you can send out per hour.

Email Marketer spaces out the email sending so that the emails are sent over the period of time you specify, rather than sending them all out as quick as possible and then waiting for the time to pass.

If you set the Per hour' limit to 1000 then Interspire Email Marketer will divide an hour up into 1000 and send each email out at that rate.

This means that if you are sending 2000 emails it will take 2 hours. If you are sending 500 emails it will take half an hour.

CAUTION: Warming up your IP allows you to gradually establish a good mass email sender reputation.

IP addresses start out “COLD” meaning they haven't been used to send email. It’s best to start small and gradually send to larger volumes of prospects.

IP warming is a gradual process that helps you establish a reputation as a legitimate email sender. When a receiving server notices email coming from a formerly dormant IP address, they will scrutinize the traffic coming from that IP address.

Does Email Marketer Script support email throttling? i.e. Can I limit the number of emails sent per hour?

Yes, Our Email Marketer Script allows you to set throttling limits so that only a set number of emails are sent per hour. This can be useful if your web host places restrictions on the number of emails you can send per hour.

Throttling settings are applied on a per user basis so to set the limit, access the 'Users' section in your control panel and modify the user that you'd like to set a throttling limit to. If you are the only user of Email Marketer, your default user would be the 'Admin' user.