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A Virtual Private Server (VPS, also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS) is a method of splitting one physical server into several independent virtual machines. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, have independent file system, CPU and RAM resources, etc.

Occupying the space between the shared and dedicated hosting formats, a virtual dedicated server offers many of the capabilities and features of dedicated servers, including administrator (root) access and dedicated IP addresses, but at a much lower price. Users share a server, but because each virtual dedicated server is effectively isolated from other accounts, the user has full control over the server space.

Also, virtual dedicated server plans feature very high performance and available disk space and bandwidth.

We partition our servers in such a way that each virtual dedicated server operates almost entirely independently of the other accounts that share the server space. This means that with a virtual dedicated server, you will enjoy consistent, high performance, even when usage peaks on the main server.

Virtual dedicated servers are particularly useful for companies and individuals that run higher-traffic websites or complex applications and thus need the bandwidth, consistent performance, and flexibility of a virtual dedicated server.

VPS vs. Virtual Hosting

VPS advantages:

  • Full root access to the system.
  • No limits on WWW domains, data bases, domain zones, ssh / ftp / email users.
  • VPS has limits on system resources only.
  • With a virtual private server you can set your own firewall and restrict connections to your server.
  • All other customers will not affect your VPS.
  • You can install software and applications you need, so you don't depend on web hosts and avoid time delays and expenses.

VPS disadvantage:

  • It may seem to be too expensive to host your websites on a dedicated server, but when you compare it to shared hosting, you will see that it is worth using it.

VPS vs. Dedicated Server

VPS advantages:

  • Dedicated server is much more expensive than VPS.
  • Our specialists will install the software for you. This secures your VPS from intrusion and old software versions. If you are running a dedicated server, you will have to do it yourself. Are you sure you can do it in time and in proper way?

VPS disadvantage :

  • Dedicated server has more resources than VPS hosting.