Unlimited email sending volume for your success

Bulk Mail Server®

Opening up your free Hotmail or Yahoo or Gmail account and importing all the thousands contacts in the BCC line would be very crazy – and impossible, because a normal email provider gives you only a limited number of relays per day. So it should be clear to you that you cannot use a common mail client or a webmail.

We recommend you get one server to deliver not more than 50k emails aday. so taking in mind that your email message shouldnt being sent less than once a week, then you may need only one server to deliver 350k emails , by spreadding the whole volume over the week using professional SMTP online script like ours.

Sending million emails more or less might often bring in the risk of getting marked as spam. But with Bulk Email Server you can efficiently send targeted emails to people using multible SMTP servers.

You can get more than one SMTP server and use an effective bulk email or software able to manage a wide list like Maillist King program (using the multi-threaded SMTP server) to send mass email as it supports the use of multiple SMTP accounts up to 20 SMTP servers, and they can be used sequentially: first email goes through server1, second goes through server2, etc.

For even faster throughput you can specify multiple SMTPservers so that a different server is used for each connection thread.

Also, these providers use non-monitored SMTP servers that strictly depend on your internet connection at the given moment and can rely on bad IPs which can harm your deliverability.

So to send millions of good email addresses you need first of all a reliable, effective bulk email service or software able to manage a wide list. But you also need a professional SMTP provider like www.bulkmailserver.net  in order to ensure the highest delivery rate of your emails.

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