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Email is easy to use and actually, everyone around the world can access to it. However, all of us these days is interested in smartphones into our pockets, So SMS marketing is becoming an increasingly powerful tool to contact with clients.

There’s no better choice when we talk about SMS or email to attract your clients. Both of them are doing a super unique job and deserve a place in your communication toolset.

You have to know when it’s best to send an SMS or to send an email or to send a mix of both this will help you communicate with your audience where they want to be reached. Let’s have a look at how email and SMS work together so you can have an idea of how and when to use each tool.

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COVID-19 is nothing to take gently, as anxieties are excessive and those are involved. Each lives and livelihoods are at chance around the world, and additional warning is therefore required, Many manufacturers have made legitimate statements to inspire humans to live domestic and prevent ailment spread. Some went even in addition, changing or upgrading their trademarks.

As commercial enterprise leaders and entrepreneurs, you’re cautiously considering whether or not to send your personal email concerning COVID-19. For lots of you, it could seem like an reputable letter signed via the CEO of your company. For others, it may appearance more like a brief update to notify subscribers of up to date adjustments.

When should I send COVID-19 email?

If your product or services are impacted through COVID-19, also if you have useful, significant information to share, you have got customers that can be more touchy to this crisis, Your services have been impacted or modified in some manner, and also you’re doing something to help your customers during this unheard of time, then your clients might in all likelihood respect an electronic mail update.

Methods to make your COVID-19 e-mail powerful

Here are our tips on how to effectively get your important COVID-19 messages across to your audience.

  • Only include useful content: Don’t send for the sake of sending, Please don’t send a COVID-19 email just because everyone else is doing it. Do it because you have got some thing insightful and useful to mention. Some organizations provide price reductions, free transport or cashback for classes associated with self-isolation. Some brands with applicable merchandise are donating to nearby hospitals and social services.
  • Make your emails clean to skim: maximum COVID-19 emails appear to contain an unformatted textual content, making it very difficult to decide what the important thing factors are, and if those key points are crucial or not.
  • Keep it concise: Many COVID-19 emails feature a large quantity of superfluous words and technical jargon. But, your subscribers are probable very busy (and mentally overwhelmed) and could lots choose a concise message written in simple language.
  • Add a note about COVID-19 to your existing newsletter: In many cases, you may not need to send a dedicated COVID-19 email,but surely upload a notice to the top of your next newsletter.
  • Cancel existing campaigns that don’t make feel in the present day surroundings: Do your scheduled promotions make sense in the current environment? If you’re asking your subscribers to gather in large crowds or travel, consider following the World Health Organization’s recommendations and canceling events and large gatherings, and to pause promotions that may warfare with hygiene guidelines.
  • Don’t forget about your automated emails: Revise the content of automated emails that had been scheduled before the disaster. It’s easy to forget about approximately the ones automated emails which won't make feel at some point of this time, particularly in case you operate a brick-and-mortar commercial enterprise which historically encourages clients to come back to the shop. E-mail remains the main verbal exchange channel, however, we have to admit many are attempting too difficult by sending dozens of emails which have efficiently the same message or no message at all.
  • Don’t capitalize on tension and anxiety: We’re all going through difficult instances now. Many corporations, like reserving/booking systems, tour businesses, hotels, cinemas, took an in particular large hit. But staying respectful and caring of your clients need to nonetheless be a priority. With so much anxiety around, many find it hard to stay focused and make the right choices. Don’t take advantage of panic and stress by means of promoting “illness prevention health programs,” “antivirus dietary supplements,” or “silver ion masks to battle pandemic.” Of route, you must take benefit of any little call for that’s still around to make money but don’t try this by means of manipulating human beings’s fears and anxiety.
  • Don't send jokes about the crisis: even though a very good sense of humor commonly helps ease disturbing environment, now isn't always the case. Many human beings are stressed, in panic, fighting pressure and shock, with the aid of making amusing of the situation in any way you are making fun in their problems.

What customers want this time?

- Updates on cancellation, refunds, rescheduling, booking of the events I have signed in for.
- Lists of services that offer online educational classes, virtual tours, webinars workshops, etc.
- How to keep my kids busy.
- Lists of 20-second tik tok clips, songs, fun monologues that I can listen to while washing hands.
- Fun pics of pets are always ok: puppies dressed up as doctors, pets annoyed of humans staying home, pets fighting the crisis - just make me smile and forget for a while about all the madness around.
- Recipes of meals I can cook using products with a long shelf life like pasta, beans, lentil, etc. No fresh oregano and basil pesto, or other recipes that require going to a grocery store.
- Activities I can do at home without buying a lot of extra stuff. Mind also that some of us live in multi-story buildings, so our neighbors from downstairs won’t be happy if we organize a dodgeball championship.
- List of tools I can use to craft something online, like greeting cards, family albums, clips, animation, etc.

Wrap up

COVID-19 is nothing to take lightly, as anxieties are high and people are worried. Both lives and livelihoods are at risk around the world, and extra caution is therefore required.

To make sure you’re giving it the proper concern, not only should your messages express suitable sentiment, but they should also be clearly helpful and supportive in this time of crisis. Think about your subscribers, the inundation their inboxes are under right now, and how you can be helpful, supportive, and a breath of fresh air.

Emails have a brief life. Yet, according to a new Adobe study, many don't have a life at all - in attitudes towards mobile. Among the many observations and data that we have uncovered, two that stood out for me are opened and read, meaning 75 percent of all that you send is overlooked, And 50 per cent are not considered useful when they are read.

As is so often the case, it's easy to conclude that this must mean email marketing is gone. But that would be incorrect too. Because we found that people usually check email, and almost always before they go to work. It is an intrinsic part of life for people. They do not ignore their emails, they ignore the emails that they receive.

So what are we missing, as the originators of all the content that was ignored?


It's a big word in marketing and we would all like to think we're relevant, because if we aren't then we're irrelevant. But if most of what we send by email isn't read and half of what's read isn't helpful, then irrelevance is what most of us achieve.

It's not just an appeal to someone's interests to be relevant. At the right time, it is about doing this, while not overdoing it. An email with discount codes can contain relevant content – the receiver is keen to save money on the products – But if the same offer has been sent out for months on end every day, it loses its urgency, so it is ignored. It is irrelevant now, although it is useful for the content.


Too often, and particularly in B2B marketing, we give sales development rep (SDR) the task of building the relationship that turns marketing leads into sales prospects. But they often aren't the right people for this job, and it's not fair to expect them to take it on, particularly when producing a beautifully framed written copy is involved. SDRs are often at the start of their careers and that level of responsibility requires more experience and capacity than they can offer.

The point of investing time and money in marketing is to prime potential customers, so they're on board when they answer our first call. To compromise such a crucial point in relation development with a poorly composed, inaccurately targeted marketing email waste that time and money.

Instead, responsibility should lie with people with the skills necessary to succeed in doing so. I check regularly on what we're sending out because I know people go off the script, from poor language use to a lack of professionalism.

I also know it's my job to ensure that these issues are addressed, rather than landing them on someone without the skills or knowledge to do so.

Respect for the message and the addressee

It shouldn’t be difficult to spell properly, use the right grammar and correctly construct sentences in the right way. And if it is, then it’s not difficult to find someone who can. It's not about pedantry and nitpicking to get that thing right. The aim is to treat the audience with a level of respect. We took the time and care to get this read right, because we appreciate your attention.

People in positions of influence are better at responding to properly articulated messages. And while many people will not notice a stray apostrophe or an overlong sentence, they will notice that they will not understand the message because it is too hard to read it.

Email is still essential to marketing and to the people we try to reach. It's wounded in our lives in a way that social media still isn't, which most people don't test in our survey shows until they get to work.

It may not be as dominant as it was, but email does not go anywhere and still offers the chance to get the right message at the right time to the right person. It is now time to do a better job of delivering this message.

Mass/Bulk email services are useful software tools that are commonly used by emarketing experts who are in charge of email marketing campaigns. As you may already know, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for businesses large and small, but it also has many pitfalls that must be avoided.

Ostensibly the greatest trap advertisers now and then run into is that their messages end up in the spam folder. The good news is that you can easily prevent this from happening by using a reliable mass email service with attractive templates that will make your emails irresistible so that recipients won’t feel the urge to click the spam button.

Best Mass Email Service in 2020

There are many different ways of sending mass emails but just a few ways of sending bulk emails without spamming.. In this article, we introduce the top 3 best bulk email services that you can easily use to email hundreds or even thousands of people at once.

If choosing the right mass email service is the job that continues to fall to the bottom of your to - do list, then we will get it.

The last thing you want to do as a marketing professional is to spend time wading through product reviews and customer support on the phone to determine the qualities you should be looking for in an email service provider.


The importance of choosing for the right mass email marketing service

No pressure but it really matters this decision. While channels of social media and other marketing media are always attracting our attention, it is clear that email is still king.

In fact, we found that from an email marketing campaign you are 6 times more likely to get a click-through than from a tweet.

Since email service providers know the incomparable value emails add to your business, you can choose from an overwhelming number of companies, features and packages.

Fortunately, there are a few basic qualities you should be looking for in a mass email service, and then choose the additional features and capabilities that fit your unique priorities based on your own goals and needs.


Set your strategy

There's probably a reason you're looking for a new mass email service provider, but before you dive into all the options, you need to pinpoint exactly the need you're hoping the new service will meet.

  • What are your email marketing targets?
  • How does your big picture marketing strategy fit into a mass email service?
  • How much value does email marketing bring to your business?

Then, you're going to have to consider the tools you need to meet those goals. By determining this, you will maximize efficiency and minimize overwhelm before looking at all possible options.

Below are some examples of issues to consider:

  • How do you use emails? Can you give out newsletters, promotions, updates and so on?
  • How much do you expect your subscriber list to grow?
  • How do you measure the success of email marketing?
  • Which insights are most important for customers?
  • Are you looking for more advanced capabilities or simple design templates?

Once you've set up your game plan you're able to hire key players and valuable tools to help you successfully execute it:

  • Deliverability 
  • Good reputation
  • Low spam score
  • Tracking the customer journey
  • Segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Automation
  • Templates
  • Support
  • Customer reviews 

Choosing a mass email service can be a difficult decision at first, but it can turn into one of the best choices your business can make when it's equipped with the right information.

Make sure to choose a provider features that suit your current needs, but also provide help and space for your success to expand.

If you want to explore how we can help you create beautiful emails, please let us know.

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How do the hourly send limits work?

The 'Max Hourly Rate' in the Settings page is the maximum cap for all users.

You can set lower maximum rates for individual users by editing their 'Emails Per Hour' setting in their User Settings page.

Settings >> Email settings >> Email Setting tab >> Max Hourly Rate


For example:

  • Set the 'Max Hourly Rate' in the settings page to 1000.
  • Then set one user to 500, one user to 1500 and one user leave blank.
  • The user with 500 will only be able to send at a rate of 500 per hour.
  • The user with 1500 will be capped at 1000 per hour as that is what is set by the 'Max Hourly Rate' in the settings page.
  • The user that doesn't have a limit set for them will also be capped at 1000 for the same reason.

Does Email Marketer Script have a built-in SMTP server?

Email Marketer Script allows you to choose how emails are sent out: either using PHP's built-in mail() function or by specifying an SMTP server. You can specify a different SMTP server for each user account, or you can specify one from the settings page that all accounts will use.

If you choose to use an SMTP server Email Marketer will use its own integrated email engine to send emails using minimal server resources.

How does the Max Hourly Rate (throttling) work in Email Marketer?

The Max Hourly Rate (email throttling) in Email Marketer lets you specify how many emails can be sent out per hour. This is useful if your ISP restricts the number of emails you can send out per hour.

Email Marketer spaces out the email sending so that the emails are sent over the period of time you specify, rather than sending them all out as quick as possible and then waiting for the time to pass.

If you set the Per hour' limit to 1000 then Interspire Email Marketer will divide an hour up into 1000 and send each email out at that rate.

This means that if you are sending 2000 emails it will take 2 hours. If you are sending 500 emails it will take half an hour.

CAUTION: Warming up your IP allows you to gradually establish a good mass email sender reputation.

IP addresses start out “COLD” meaning they haven't been used to send email. It’s best to start small and gradually send to larger volumes of prospects.

IP warming is a gradual process that helps you establish a reputation as a legitimate email sender. When a receiving server notices email coming from a formerly dormant IP address, they will scrutinize the traffic coming from that IP address.

Does Email Marketer Script support email throttling? i.e. Can I limit the number of emails sent per hour?

Yes, Our Email Marketer Script allows you to set throttling limits so that only a set number of emails are sent per hour. This can be useful if your web host places restrictions on the number of emails you can send per hour.

Throttling settings are applied on a per user basis so to set the limit, access the 'Users' section in your control panel and modify the user that you'd like to set a throttling limit to. If you are the only user of Email Marketer, your default user would be the 'Admin' user.