Unlimited email sending volume for your success

Bulk Mail Server®

BMS (Bulk Mail Server) is a privately held firm its technology infrastructure is geographically dispersed at different data centers in USA and Russian.

Specializing in email and web-based communications, BMS provides web hosting, bulk mail sender solution (bulk email sending software), web site design, and content management solutions world wide.

Our Mission

Reliable SMTP hosting requires finding the best partners and people who share your company’s vision. At BMS , we are committed to providing high quality SMTP Servers. Through key partnerships with leading technology providers, we deliver enterprise class email including firewall security, virus protection and spam control. Our staff is trained to provide ongoing technical support and development solutions to meet your business needs.

On Site Support

For businesses located in Amman, we offer on site consultation including set up and technical support. In addition to configuring mail client applications like Outlook, we can assist in setting up your mail list programs.

Exclusive MENA partner:

Webmaster® was chosen as our exclusive partner in the Middle East and Africa Region (MENA) for providing technical support, equipment and technical and financial follow-up in addition E-promotion and technical consultation services required for raising work performance and preparing marketing plans which cover entirely the target market and improve the competitive level of the services.

A brief definition: Webmaster® known by its popular trade market "Webmaster®" is a private company providing the customers with web hosting, graphic design and programming services.

Webmaster® websites: www.webmaster.com.jo

In a statement issued by our administrative board ahead of the announcement of signing the Exclusive Partnership Agreement, it was stated that:

Webmaster® was our senior partner a couple of years ago before it was chosen for the exclusive partnership; it supported our strategical expansive goals as well as our ongoing efforts of providing our customers with high quality servers. From its head quarter, Webmaster contributed significantly to develop the services provided in the Middle East and North Africa. By virtue of its valuable partnership, we enabled to provide a high quality communication which strengthened our position among the leading companies of this sector in the region. There is no doubt that our future partnership will greatly grow; this attributes to high flexibility of Webmaster company of performing its missions assigned.

We trust this senior company of information technology due to its good reputation and long experience which ranges 16 years.

In addition, Webmaster® established in 1999 has excellent commercial works in the following fields:

  • Domain Registration,
  • Shared Hosting, 
  • Dedicated Virtual Private Servers.
  • Programming.
  • SMS.

Furthermore, this company provides its customers with a senior service through direct chatting in order to provide the highest level of immediate technical support criteria around the clock and technical support windows through phones, e-mail and short message service (SMS).


In this event, the executive president of Webmaster®, Salah Al-Jahran Said:


We are proud of the celebration of new breakthrough which represents our latest local investments of information technology through our exclusive representation of BMS Site internationally known in the field of services of renting e-promotion servers.

In addition, Al-Jahran stated that the company adheres completely BMS site's distinctive imprint and mark through applying a set of international leading criteria and specifications in addition to the senior experience of providing the customers with high quality services.

Furthermore, Al-Jahran focused on the importance of human resources employed by Webmaster® company plus the employees' capabilities, referring to the importance of training and qualification undertaken by the company in order to provide the customers with the best services.

He also pointed out that after conducting various studies and surveys in the target market, the company was chosen by BMS site due to its long experience and capabilities of providing senior services.

Regarding e-promotion servers, Al-Jahran said that Webmaster® has the experiences and competencies required for obtaining a distinctive market share which meets customers' needs of various sectors.

He has also extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to BMS Site for putting its trust in the company and for providing its constant support.

He added that he looks forward to a fruitful and sustainable partnership.

He concluded by saying, "we dedicated Webmaster®'s capabilities starting from service facilities to highly qualified and trained work team in order to exceed our customers' expectations.

In reply to the enquiries about maintenance, technical support and prices will be offered in the market by Webmaster® company, the exclusive representative of BMS in Middle East and North Africa Market, Al-Jahran underlined that Webmaster® company will provide the best services plus the competitive prices, referring to customers' advisor the company will provide in order to guide its customers to the best purchase offers of servers available.