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You might run across the idea of warming up an IP address to improve your sending delivery performance. Warming up your IP allows you to gradually establish a good mass email sender reputation.

IP addresses start out “COLD” meaning they haven't been used to send email. It’s best to start small and gradually send to larger volumes of prospects.

IP warming is a gradual process that helps you establish a reputation as a legitimate email sender. When a receiving server notices email coming from a formerly dormant IP address, they will scrutinize the traffic coming from that IP address.

Send first email to your personal email address at yahoo, gmail and hotmail, it is expected to be received to SPAM folder, now try to mark it as safe like the screenshots show.

Mark as safe or not junk to enhance smtp server reputation

Mark as safe or not junk to enhance smtp server reputation


Mark as safe or not junk to enhance smtp server reputation

It’s best to start small and gradually send to larger volumes of prospects. This give receiving servers time to observe your sending patterns and behavior and allows you build a solid sending reputation.

If a previously unused IP starts sending 100.000 emails / day without any warming, recipient email servers must assume the worst that you are a spammer, and this will negatively affects your bulk email server sending reputation.

Get ready to warm up your mass email server IP address:

  • Don’t start your IP warming with old lists! Having high delivery rates with your initial campaigns will help build your IP’s reputation
  • Send newsletters content that your audience want.
  • Remove unengaged emails.
  • Send email messages at an appropriate frequency.


- It is much easier to establish a positive reputation as a new sender, than it is to repair an existing reputation.

- If your mailing patterns are infrequent -- for example, only one mail campaign per month -- avoid sending more than 5,000 - 10,000 messages per day.


Warming up IP Address

The key to warming your IP address is to spread out your initial sends over multiple days. For example, If you plan on sending 50,000 emails a week, it is recommended that you split your lists into at least four groups with limit of no more than 10,000 recipients in each list.

Email only one groups a day over the first few days. A good rule of thumb for larger ramp-ups is to start your sending at 10,000 prospects per day. Assuming your bounce rate stays below 10% and your spam complaint rate stays below 0.1% on those sends, you can safely double your sending per day over the next few weeks until your intended sending volume is reached. For example, if you want to send 100k emails a week, you should ramp up like this:

WeekEmails per dayTotal per week
Week 1 2,800 a day for first 7 days 20,000
Week 2 4,300 a day for 7 days 30,000
Week 3 5,700 a day for 7 days 40,000
Week 4 7,000 a day for 7 days 50,000
Then add about 3 - 5000 a day for each week.

It is recommended to keep a consistent mail volume from one business day to another which is better than having a large volume spike on one day of the week and no email sent on remaining days of the week.

Expected bounce rates

Monitor the bounce rates of your lists and stop mailing if the bounce rate of your first one or two groups exceeds 10%. This is a sure sign that your list needs maintenance! Clean up your list, and then resume sending to the remainder of the groups.

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Email spam, also known as junk email or unsolicited bulk email

A junk mail folder is a virtual inbox for storing ads and often unsolicited electronic mail.

Be sure to check it regularly and every few days you should check your spam folder to make sure no important email messages have accidentally been identified as spam.

Programs within e-mail generally include customization options to move unwelcome messages to a junk mail folder automatically, but often this mail needs to be manually moved to the folder after reaching an in-box.

When e-mail from an undesirable source comes through, typically there is a block list for logging the sender’s e-mail address or extension, subject field, or content keywords and having like messages sent directly to the junk mail folder.

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What is a reverse PTR record?

PTR record or more appropriately a reverse PTR record is a process of resolving an IP address to its associated hostname. This is the exact opposite of the process of resolving a hostname to an IP address.

PTR is generally a concern for mail, as some mail servers will reject mail originating from IP's that don't have a valid PTR.

Example, when you ping a name mail.somedomain.com it will get resolved to the ip address using the DNS to something like

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The main tools required to start e-marketing is:

  • A valid email list A good mail list management software: try any FREE software if any, We know a powerful application "Maillist King", but you are not forced to use it, try any FREE software, just Google for "Free Email marketing software OR Free mail list management tool".
  • A high performance PC to handle your campaigns.
  • A reliable SMTP server, (Subscribe to any of our powerful SMTP server plans for a minimum 1 month.) Domain name to grant more legitimacy to your emails.

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Our usual advice is that implementing sender authentication is a useful way of avoiding your email being incorrectly flagged as spam (i.e., a “false positive”). So you should implement rDNS, DKIM and SPF.

DKIM–DomainKeys Identified Mail–is an important standard for email sender authentication. It allows a recipient to verify that a message really does come from the sending domain that it claims to have come from. Senders publish a public key for their domain and then cryptographically sign their outgoing email, using the corresponding private key. Recipients can then verify the signature, typically as part of the spam filtering process.

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Email marketing, as many of us know, can be a powerful, inexpensive method of reaching our most active potential or existing customers. It can boost not only our direct sales, but also our credibility and referrals.

One of the major benefits of email marketing is that email is free, but obviously this is the same reason why spam has become so popular and so frustrating. With spam comes spam filters and with spam filters comes the blocking of legitimate email.

In this article I’ll try and describe the basic steps that can help reduce the number of emails you send out that get blocked by spam filters — hopefully resulting in a more rewarding marketing effort.

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Thinking about using email to market to new customer?Thinking about using email to market to new customer? There is no doubt that email marketing/bulk email is a reliable cost effective way to bring increased business to your company. Finding new customers and keep in contact with existing customers, email marketing is the only affordable solution.

When other email marketing providers say “no” we say “yes!” When other say “call for a quote” we say look at our affordable plans, BMS email servers have quickly become the number 1 choice for all your email marketing needs. After years of Email Marketing experience there is only a handful of people that know how to setup and prepare a server to meet the requirements of most major ISPs email providers.

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